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Great coaster collection

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Great coaster collection

Post by hmich176 on 2012-01-11, 02:04

I thought that since I was just at BGT, I might start this thread.

Outside of Hershey, BGT is now my favorite park. I loved it there. And, their coaster collection is top notch. The only weak point is Scorpion, and that's a classic Schwarzkopf, so it's sad to call it a weak point.

It's easily worth the visit to go there.

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Kiddie Coaster Level

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Re: Great coaster collection

Post by CHILLERLC1 on 2012-01-17, 01:14

I don't think there is anything weak about Scorpion. Laser at Dorney Park was about the same size but I really couldn't complain about it. Lapbars on a looper are pretty cool.

Kumba is awesomeness. Montu is pretty good. I don't like this turnaround on Cheetah Hunt. I think it should have been a bowtie looking turnaround taken at a higher speed.
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Re: Great coaster collection

Post by LFCoasterZombie on 2012-01-17, 22:43

BGT is a great park. There Coasters are amazing (except Sand Serpent/ Cheetah Chase) and they have great themeing and animal encounters and it felt like I was at Disney's Animal Kingdom. But sadly last time I visited the park was during Cheetah Hunt construction in Nov. 2010 so I never got to ride it. Sad

My top there are: SheKra, Montu, Scorpion, Kumba, Gwazi.


My Top 10 Coasters: (Total: 241)
1. Millennium Force at Cedar Point
2. El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure
3. Maverick at Cedar Point
4. Bizarro at Six Flags New England
5. Wicked Twister at Cedar Point
6. Storm Runner at Hersheypark
7. New Texas Giant at Six Flags Over Texas
8. Nitro at Six Flags Great Adventure
9. Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point
10. Hydra The Revenge at Dorney Park
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Re: Great coaster collection

Post by Sponsored content

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