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Intimidator 305 - official discussion topic

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Intimidator 305 - official discussion topic

Post by HPCrazy on 2012-01-03, 18:50

Discuss your past experiences, opinions and share photos of Intimidator 305, one of the most intense coasters on the planet.

SKYRUSH - Ride the Edge!

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Re: Intimidator 305 - official discussion topic

Post by BrandonStrouphauer on 2012-01-03, 19:08

I hope I can make it down to Kings Dominion this summer or fall to ride I305. Mainly to see how Skyrush and I305 relate to each other. We all know how I can't stand when people compare the two rides. Wink

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Re: Intimidator 305 - official discussion topic

Post by thom25 on 2012-01-05, 12:49

Well comparing two Intamin coasters is natural given their similarities. Having ridden I305 opening day, I can say it IS the most intense coaster I've riden hands down. The OTSR didn't really bother me, but the relentless forces were incredible and one hell of a thrill ride. On the downside, I don't think it's as re-rideable as Bizarro or Maverick.

Given the stats and pics we've seen so far of Skyrush, I believe it will be in the same league as I305 and may be even better. Having a second hill of only 80 feet after a 200 foot drop, as well as lapbars and edge seating will certainly get the ride world wide attention, and predict a top 5 world wide ranking.

Giga Coaster Level
Giga Coaster Level

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Re: Intimidator 305 - official discussion topic

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